Zaramella Argenti has its ancestral roots in the historic city of northern Italy - Padova.

So,it is natural that the excellence of our craftsmen is reflected in a mixture of wisdom and cultural richness.

Of pleasure in sharing art and history arise the objects delicately created for your Table, for your Home, for "that" Special Place.


Founded in Padova by Bruno Zaramella in 1948, Zaramella Argenti has a productive focus sterling silver925 Cutlery.

At the time, Zaramella produced mainly cutlery sets of the most classic models, such as San Marco, Barocco and Impero, whose production perpetuates up to our days.

With time the need to create and produce new offers, motivated our craftsmen to present simple, contemporary models, always with the italian quality stamped in each piece with 30PD Z 925.

The italian silversmith, with elegance and know-how expanded the talent for the creation of exceptional pieces for the table and home accessories.

The Company

All pieces are created, developed, produced and marketed by Zaramella Argenti.

This commitment is only possible thanks to the Zaramella team, which makes its contribution by integrating the knowledge acquired in the day-to-day of the company, forming an innovative, dynamic team dedicated to what our materials can offer us best. It is this dynamism and innovation that allows us to have a portfolio full of products!

Every day we explore the potential of silver and the best way to use it for the development of this industry, along with the will to expand nationally and internationally. This development is based on a "renewed tradition", adapting its products to the most sophisticated tastes, always maintaining the Italian Tradition in the Silver industry.

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