Searching by Reference

1- At the top of the site, there is the Search bar, represented by a magnifying glass. Write the reference you want and press ENTER.

2- The site will present you all the products in accordance to your research. Click in the result that you wish.

3- Fill in the fields of customization/specs (when necessary), and then click Add to cart.

4- Click CONTINUE SHOPPING, return to the site and you can continue to choose products in order to complete your order. If you click SHOW CART, you can see your order.

5- Once you have confirmed all of the products/quantities selected, click FINISH NOW to complete your order.

Chat ZaramellaB2B

At any time when you're browsing Zaramella B2B, you can contact us.

Just click on the sidebar of the page DO YOU NEED HELP and a chat window will open.

A commercial Zaramella Argenti will be available to speak with you, help you in your questions about the site and about the Zaramella products.

You can use B2B site as a digital catalog, show all products to your customer, hidden the prices:

B2B sends ALWAYS an email with the confirmation of your order.

The e-mail address for the confirmation is sent to the address that is in our database. If you have not received a confirmation, you must send an email to [email protected] and the same confirmation will be forwarded.

So that the situation is not repeated in subsequent orders, you should:

1- Check the spam folder for emails ever sent to [email protected]

2- Add to contact list: [email protected]


You can check at any time the data of the orders. Just go to CUSTOMER AREA > MY ORDERS and query all orders made through the site Zaramella B2B.

NOTE: If you want to know the status of the order, consult your email where you receive notifications of Zaramella B2B.

At Zaramella B2B, you can see the estimated time of delivery, product-by-product, from the date of the order.

NOTE: in most cases, the delivery time will be less than what is specified.

Rest assured, your data is protected.

Zaramella Argenti guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by you for the exclusive use of the Zaramella Company.

Check out our Terms and Conditions.

Zaramella B2B website is exclusive to professionals.

The final customer visualizes the site but does not have access to products, prices and/or campaigns.

NOTE: you can preview the site before making the record and what you see is exactly what the end customer sees.

Yes, is possible.

You can share photos of B2B on your own communication channels.

Yes, here you have the possibility to place your orders on any day and at any time.

The orders give automatic entry into our system and are processed and managed during the opening hours of the commercial Department of Zaramella Argenti.


Our website has all of the products from Zaramella's catalogues.

Zaramella Argenti created Zaramella B2B to all their customers, in order to facilitate and streamline the purchase process and query the status of orders and all the news released by brand Zaramella.

Access to B2B

1- Go to our website and click "Login", in the upper right corner

2- Fill in your username and password (provided by ZAramella). Click "Do Login"