Since 1948, Zaramella Argenti creates with elegance and know-How, an exceptional table art and Home accessories.

Zaramella trusts all its production in the hands of its craftsmen, who create small masterpieces, by mixing traditional techniques with technology, in perfect harmony, always respecting the uniqueness of every piece/collection.

Zaramella´s manufacturing is entirely handmade.

Every day, specialized techniques such as spinning, handmade polishing, galvanic, engraving, chiselling "give life" to all Zaramella´s pieces.

For us, although each piece reflects the customs of an era, we do not neglect the creation of timeless objects that go through decades.

The artisan knowledge passes down from master to apprentice, perpetuating the legacy and guaranteeing to our customers the continuity of production always with the same quality parameters.

Zaramella Argenti remains a manufacture just as was in the very early years of our company history. Although it has developed different product lines and created collections in different materials, the name Zaramella Argenti stands as the company with the widest selection of silver cutlery in the world.

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