Zaramella Argenti is the most prestigious Italian manufacturer of Silverware

Zaramella Argenti is more than 70 years of experience, quality of excellence in the production of all products as well as international recognition.

All our products are made with the dedication and professionalism of a team passionate about quality and detail.

Developed and produced at Zaramella, Padova, these are some of the stages of our super production:

1- Product Development: From creative idea, to shape and functionality study to virtual images, all product development is done within our factory.

2- Development and Validation: At Zaramella, all products/prototypes are developed manually and validated by a specialized technical team.

3- Production: From wax mold to casting from finishing/polishing to galvanic bath, from chiseled to gilding , Zaramella does not dispense a production with a lot of quality so that our products can always be of excellence.

4- Quality Control: we always guarantee the extreme italian quality, obeying demanding control parameters

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