For Professionals

Zaramella B2B is a site only for professionals!

Customers will have a portfolio of more than 4000 products available for their orders; access to exclusive business; sharing photos of products in their own channels of communication,

and the best .... possibility to make the orders any time/any day and priority in orders.

How do I order, browsing the site?

Browsing in the site

1- Click in "Zaramella Categories"

2- Here are listed the Categories/Catalogues Zaramella, available to order on the site Zaramelle B2B.

3- Select the category you want to, by clicking on top of the category,in the button VIEW that appears.

4- In the case of category be divided into subcategories, you should also select the theme you wish for.

5- Select the product, and when you make your choice, you should add the product to the CART, to make your order

6- When you click CONTINUE SHOPPING, return to the site and you can continue to choose products to complete your order. If you click SHOW CART, you can see your order.

7- Confirmed all products/quantities selected, click FINISH NOW to complete your order.

Zaramella Argenti B2B

Exclusive for Professionals

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